It simply wasn’t going to be good enough to create small batch spirits from scratch. Napa Valley Craft Distillery owner Robert Contreras set out to control each step of the distillation process, and that included building our own stills, from scratch. It meant choosing the right tanks and the right connectors, using the best instrumentation, pumps and agitators, and doing all of our own welding. And for the items that require artisan vendors, like glass columns, our search for the right partners was exhaustive. The result is a distillery that was purpose-built, from the drains up, to produce the quality spirits we want, exactly the way we want to.


With this immersion into the craft of making custom distillery equipment, we’ve learned many valuable lessons and engineered some unique solutions. Our deep experience in this field can benefit your startup facility. Please contact us to inquire about custom fabrication of stills and other equipment for your distillery.


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