At their essence, vodka, gin and other fine distilled spirits are the result of the product you begin with and of the process you employ. At Napa Valley Craft Distillery, we have set out to establish new standards for both.

We begin with grapes grown in the place known for producing some of the world’s most famous wines. This region of Northern California is geographically blessed with the soil and microclimate that allows production of the legendary Napa Valley grapes.

When it comes to hardware, we started from scratch; we abandoned traditional thinking, rolled up our sleeves and built our own distillation equipment. We found that with vacuum distillation, the absence of heat has a positive and profound effect on the taste and quality of the spirits you enjoy.

In the same way that flavors are harmed by cooking with too much heat, flavors are preserved by distilling without it. The true natures of gin and vodka are apparent when distilled under vacuum. Flavors are truer and fresher, and the finish is clean and smooth.

No heat. Small batch. From scratch.
These are the rules at Napa Valley Craft Distillery.

Stay tuned for more, and please contact us here if you want to talk about vacuum distilled spirits.

Robert Contreras
Owner / Distiller

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